Work- occupational workshops

Efficiency of expressive techniques in relation to ordinary verbal communication has its anatomically-physiological merit. Namely, our feelings and states correspond better with right- synthetic and intuitive hemisphere of the brain, than with the left hemisphere – analytic, and causal, which houses the center for speech. Also, it is especially important that our defense mechanisms and the suppression of emotions (rationalization, denial, projection) occur precisely cognitive spheres, opinion and speech, which is why it is important to dispose with those techniques that allow the expression and exploring their own emotions and states by other channels that are not rational-verbal while expressive techniques open up such possibility.

The aim of our workshop is to strengthen the creative potential of our users, as well as providing opportunities to learn its internal state and external situation, in different ways, allowing them to personalize their creative lifestyle.

Art Therapy / workshop

Concept of Art Therapy refers to treatment through artistic expression. Art therapy belongs to a group of creative therapy and art therapy (Arts Therapies), Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy which focuses on artistic expression as a means of expression of emotions and thoughts, and to resolve psychological conflicts. In our association, art workshop is held twice a week, a group composed of 15 (fifteen) reviews and workshop leader. Head of art therapy stimulates, monitors and supervises the work and the creativity of users in making pictures, jewelry, jewelry boxes, greeting cards – especially made for every holiday and occasion. All products are made in the most individual and the most decorative way. The materials that are used serve to even greater authenticity of our products, so that the images are produced with grains, glass, dried and artificial flowers, acrylic colors, and wax colors. We make paintings on glass, boxes, which are decorated with beads, decoupage technique, decorative cloth, sprays, shells and stones, glass and the like. Decorative bottles and jewelry are also unique products of our art workshop.


Workshop for making frames

Greatest significance of this event is reflected in the completion and finishing of products made in the art workshop. Workshop leader and users, categorically lined with slight intellectual disabilities, are working to create a dimensional and shade- corresponding picture frame. Setting the frame in the image represents a completed product which is ready for sales exhibition.


Ceramic Workshop

This workshop is for our association of particular importance because it involves all users regardless of the category their intellectual difficulties are. In this workshop creativity is directly enforced and also fine motor skills of members. Users shape them as desired or as assigned to make forms of clay which are then accompanied by a completed baking, painting and decorating.


Workshop for making soap

Thanks to a donation from France, our association has a special custom machine for making soap. Because of the specificity and better control over the work of users, a specific schedule to participate in this workshop is designed. Namely, apart from the leader, there are three users who can change from week to week, so that everyone had the opportunity to be creators in the making.


Weaving workshop

Users and employees of “Oaza“(OASIS) proudly exhibits their products made in Weaving workshop. This workshop is a form of occupational therapy in which, in the meantime, there is a studio of crafts. And in this workshop, there are tasks for each user, regardless of his abilities. Participating members are with slight, moderate and severe intellectual disabilities.


Candle workshop

Products of this workshop are offering various forms of candles, also arranged for special occasions with individual and unique decorations. Workshop leader coordinates the entire process of creating and designing candles. For the purpose of prudence in dealing with hot wax, in this workshop, five of our users are under the supervision of a leader.