Become a member

How to become a member

Article 13.

Membership in the Association is voluntary. Members of the Association may be regular, supporting and honorary.

Article 14

Regular members of the Association are the parents, guardians or relatives of people with intellectual disabilities, who accept this Statute, sign the application form to the Association and regularly perform the member’s obligations set forth in this Statute.

Article 15

By helping, the Association supporting members are all male and female citizens, who, because of personal commitment to assist in achieving the objectives of the Association, sign the application form and in this way assume the obligations set forth in this Statute.

Article 16

Honorary members are persons who, with their work, dedication and contribution to the Association, deserve an honorary member status, and this status can get every citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina or a foreigner. Status of honorary member is acquired on the basis of the decision of the Board.

Article 17

Regular and supporting members pay a membership fee, which will be used exclusively for the needs of users of the Association, but all members are obliged to respect the administrative, executive bodies of the Association, as well as employees of the Expert Service, normative acts of the Association, as well as the decisions made by the administrative and executive bodies of the Association.

Article 18

The rights of members are:

to elect and be elected to the Assembly of the Association,

that, through their representatives, they participate in decision-making bodies of the Association; to raise issues of liability and recall their representatives in the Association,

to seek help in resolving their problems in accordance with the objectives and activities laid down in this Constitution in accordance with the possibilities of the Association.

Article 19

The duties of the members are:

to contribute to the achievement of the objectives and activities of the Association and to preserve the reputation of the Association;

at work, to comply with the provisions of this Statute

to perform commitments in accordance with their capabilities.

Article 20

For violation of rights and duties, especially the violation of the provisions of the Statute and tarnishing the reputation of the Association, members may receive the following measures:

written warning and

exclusion from the Association.

The measures referred to in the previous paragraph express the Board of Directors of the Association,

the Board of Directors decision is final.

Article 21.

Membership in the Association is terminated with: death; resignation,

deletion from the register and exclusion;

Any member may withdraw from the Association at will;

if he changes residence and moves away from the area of Canton Sarajevo;

if it joins another Association to help people with intellectual disabilities, except in the case of the Association with specific objectives ; if you fail to pay membership fees for two years in succession.

Article 22

Number of beneficiaries of the Association is not limited.

The users of the Association are persons with intellectual disabilities, whose parents, relatives and guardians are regular members of the Association.

Members of the Association may be persons recommended by the competent departments of social welfare or other institutions, as well as those who have the ability of self-advocacy.

the Association consists of records of their users with general information, and for each of the users determine file with relevant documentation, including medical one.

All users will receive the rights and benefits of the basis of action of the association, equally and according to the criteria adopted by the authorities of the Association.

the Association „Oaza„ (OASIS) is obliged to take account of any user documentation and that the same cannot be given to third parties without the agreement of parent, guardian or by the user if it is not under guardianship.

All interested parties can come to the premises of the Association of OAZA (OASIS) and personally be informed about the conditions of work and to find out, in more details, the conditions of membership.
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