Volunteering is part of the history of almost every civilization. And since it is based on the idea that global volunteering does not end, but only begins with local, it deserves special attention. The attention that is focused properly, can lead to the spread of positive ideas and actions from the local to the historic, not to say a new civilization.

Today, volunteers play an important role in the welfare and prosperity of the developed countries, developing countries and within national or other programs for humanitarian assistance, technical cooperation and promotion of human rights, peace and democracy. The pride and the basis of many non-governmental organizations, professional associations, etc., are the very people who voluntarily donate their work to the well-being of the community and the society in which they exist.

Association OAZA (OASIS) can really boast with a large number of young people who volunteer within our organization. We have a special response from volunteers during sport games of OAZA (OASIS), even a certain number of people who are, from the very beginning of organizing SIO, selflessly offering their assistance.

For the volunteers, Association OAZA (OASIS) doors are always opened. Professional Service is trying to make these noble people stay in the Association as pleasant as possible. According to the project “Sport is my right”, a seminar is organized for volunteers, to discuss more about volunteerism. This type of seminar is of great significance, on the one hand, it is educational and on the other side, it offers the possibility to be thankful to volunteers for their contribution.

All interested volunteers, regardless of age, are welcome to join our organization !!

For additional information, see our e-mail: oaza@udruzenjeoaza.ba

or via our telephone numbers: 033 / 766-526 or 033 / 766-525